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SEOptiks Is A Different Local Business Digital Agency

Creating customers segmentation based on their interests, demographics, gender and spending habits. Business concept in flat design style

Having worked for years with larger companies that view the market as a numbers game and a customer count, we have decided to build a company that is breaking all those rules.  Our belief is that every business is unique and has it’s own challenges.  From the market and level of competition within it, to the changing products and world beyond.

We take the simple approach that a business partners with us so that we can bring them to the next level.  We utilize every aspect of the internet to do just that.  We only offer 1 solution, and that is a complete solution that achieves the business objectives.  With regular check ins, and full reporting capabilities our clients can rest easy knowing we have things handled.

A Different Kind Of Agency

Innovative New Ideas

Custom Tailored Service

Latest Technology Delivers Results

We Understand Small Business

Every small business has similar challenges; lots of competition, local customers, and limited resources to compete.  They need a partner that is not only affordable, but offers flexibility but without compromise.

Experience Matters

Collectively we have 20 years of marketing experience in multiple areas.  Whether your business is selling to local consumers or a business to business oriented company selling nationwide we have the experience.

Profit Matters

Our philosophy is simple…  Pay For Our Seat First.  The first most important goal any marketing campaign can strive for is to pay for itself.  We work hard to quickly attain profitability early on.  Small businesses don’t have unlimited resources to wait for results that never come.

Custom Relationships

The secret to our success is the level of communication we have with our customers.  We have found that by having regular feedback from our clients keeps us on message and focused on the most important high impact aspects of a campaign.

We Don't Nickel And Dime

Once we take on a new customer our goal is to have a single solution.  Most companies have hourly addons or one time charges for additional work to go above and beyond.  We simply will just get things done because they need to get done.

Latest Technology And Techniques

We are constantly upgrading to the latest tools and technology to keep our company and clients one step ahead.

Service Companies

Companies that sell services to local customers and are typically looking for a phone call.

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Industrial Companies

Industrial companies that work within different parts of the supply chain. From manufacturers to distributors and beyond.

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Business To Consumers

Any company that the major focus is selling directly to consumers through direct sales channels and online methods.

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Business To Business

Companies that sell to high value low volume clients with longer sales processes and sales cycles.

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Businesses In The US


Businesses Without Websites


Customized Strategies

No two companies are similar so neither should their marketing strategies. Don't fall for bland packages that supposedly are built for any business.

Exceptional Service

We go above and beyond. Our clients don't have to wonder how to get in touch with us or find themselves waiting. We are committed to serving our customers.

Your Business Will Grow

We only take on clients we know we can help. We do this because customers that don't get results don't stick around. Our business model doesn't work if clients aren't happy and leave so why be set up for anything but success?

Measurable Results

Not only do we have fantastic tools to measure success, we go out of our way to educate our clients how it actually all works. No secret curtains in our processes.


Family Moving And Storage of Phoenix AZ.


As a top rated moving company in the Phoenix Arizona area, Family Moving And Storage partnered with SEOptiks to grow it's market share through paid search management and SEO strategies.


Increased daily leads by 2500%
Dominant Local SEO Presence throughout AZ
Quadrupled Moving Revenue
Created A High Quality Reputation



SEOptiks has been fundamental in the growth of Family Moving And Storage and will continue to be a valuable partner for years to come.

Jeff WolfOwner Family Moving

Working with Matt and his company SEOptiks has helped my business diversify away from the daily deal sites and focus more on higher quality direct customers. This has been invaluable to growing our business.

Rachael MorganOwner XO Photo

The biggest difference of SEOptiks vs the other companies I have worked with in the past is their level of commitment to understanding my business and my customers.

Richard EaganOwner Ventilation USA