benefits of google adwords

Just under 90% of American adults use the internet in some form, whether it’s to check up on their social media, find directions, or make a purchase. It’s how most people communicate, shop, learn, and entertain themselves today.

That means there are millions of daily opportunities to tap into your target market and attract loyal, returning customers. And this is why so many professionals turn to Google AdWords to help them gain a foot up on the competition.

The benefits of Google AdWords can’t be overstated, and too many professionals are unaware of just how much of an impact it can have on business.

If you’re one of those professionals, let’s look at some of the lesser-known advantages of Google AdWords today:

Professional Benefits of Google AdWords for Your Business

Google is the preferred search engine these days–that’s common knowledge. To build a stronger presence on Google, businesses utilize search engine optimization (SEO).

This helps them return higher up on search results and build a reputation as a resource with Google (so the internet will advocate for you). SEO helps businesses attract positive attention and generate leads to convert into customers.

Google AdWords is another Google resource that helps increase brand awareness as well as build authority. Through AdWords, businesses can create ads that Google disseminates across the web leading back to their website.

Businesses simply pay each time a visitor clicks on an ad.

When you’re setting your SEO goals and fine-tuning your marketing tactics, don’t forget to consider one of the most powerful (lead developing) tools out there. And here’s why:

1. AdWords Can Achieve Results Faster Than SEO Alone

When it comes to building brand awareness, businesses need websites, landing pages, blogs, shareable content and more to succeed. These things also help to build up your credibility or ‘online authority’ with Google and visitors.

But it takes time to achieve a noticeable return with SEO. A lot of content will be developed for landing pages and such, and a lot of time will be spent optimizing it.

Instead of relying on organic algorithms, AdWords helps put your business right where your target market is. Clickable ads and video will draw likely customers back to your website–starting on the first day.

2. Measures Performance

By measuring page performance through A/B testing, businesses can determine which campaign or content works best. They can track where leads come from with unique bits of code embedded in links and fine-tune campaigns.

Similarly, AdWords helps you track performance along the way–but with much more detail. The program will define which keywords work best, how much every lead costs, and provide detailed insight into your traffic.

3. Helps Build Brand Authority

Using display ads to get customer attention is a great way to brand yourself strongly across a wide range.

Visitors to a professional website are sure to get all kinds of branding–from style choices, tone, and color to logos and specific design or imagery. But if they never make it to your site, then all that branding falls short.

Through AdWords, businesses can bring all their unique design and branding right where the customers are.

4. Creates Opportunities for Remarketing

Google has a wide network of ad space that hundreds of millions of visitors pass all the time. Businesses want to appear in these spaces to act as a reminder of their brand, product or service.

AdWords helps accomplish this through the use of cookies. These little bits of information travel around with visitors after they’ve left a company website until they encounter ad space.

When a visitor comes across Google ad spaces, these cookies populate them with company branding from sites the visitor recently visited.

5. Reaches Customers Through Email

Email marketing is an important tactic in any business as it’s often the preferred method of communication between adults.

AdWords can now utilize ad space on Gmail to target potential customers. Now businesses can broadcast their brand right into a customer inbox without spamming or seeming like a scam.

6. Provides Detailed Visitor Analytics

Because Google is such a wide online network, other programs–such as Gmail and Google Analytics–can be leveraged as well. By linking Google AdWord accounts to Google Analytic accounts, they can get detailed information on their visitors.

Businesses can essentially see info on new visitors vs. returning visitors, how long people stayed on each page, where else they’ve visited, etc. And this all helps them create more impactful and successful campaigns in the future.

7. Cost is Scalable

No matter your budget or project scope, AdWords can be used to enhance your marketing and lead generation. The cost is scalable to any business depending on how far they’d like a campaign to reach.

Businesses only pay for how much they want to get out of it. The program will tally up how much leads cost and help strategize more efficient spending plans. How much money each business spends, though, is entirely up to them.

8. Highly-Targeted Campaigns

To get a maximum return on any investments, a company’s campaigns have to be highly targeted and tailored to their market. One of the greatest benefits of AdWords is its sophisticated targeting capabilities to create bespoke campaigns.

Some of the handiest include targeting:

  • Geographic markets
  • Markets based on a range of languages
  • Mobile markets
  • Time zones, and more

9. Maintenance is Easy

When businesses need to make changes to a campaign, they may have to alter website content, links, forms and more. Going back over and updating all the details take a while and leave a lot of room for error.

However, a campaign with Google is easy to update. Instead of changing entire landing pages on websites, AdWords users can update info in a few boxes–and they’re done.

When It’s Time to Call in the Professionals–Contact SEOptiks!

The benefits of Google AdWords are too numerous to list here, but this should give you a better idea of why it’s so essential today. Since so many people are online (and most of them using Google) AdWords is your ticket to a huge, global market.

If you’re struggling with your brand, website, or SEO efforts, SEOptiks can help!

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