Founded To Be Different – No Really

Hopefully you have had a chance to look through our website and see all the different services we offer.  By this point you’re most likely still not sure how different SEOptiks can be versus the companies you may have tried in the past or ones you are considering now.  The reality is that services are not what separates the good companies from the mediocre it is the level of service and how they understand your business that makes the difference.  All of the services we offer are tools that help us achieve our success and we utilize them all to do it.  But really what sets us apart is how close we get to know the companies we work with and how we can contribute.  Amazingly enough, when we fix problems or implement new ideas that drive bigger results rather than waiting for our customers to call and ask something incredible happens…. Our customers love us.  That is our business model, and it is how we are truly different.

About Me

Matthew Barden – Founder

I have had a long career selling online marketing for top companies in this space.  It gave me an opportunity to work with literally thousands of different businesses and their owners while being able to learn about their challenges.  During that time, I often found myself searching for the same answers as to why the results my company was supposed to deliver were not matching the reality of it.  It pushed me to learn and understand this business inside and out and eventually inspired me to start my own company.  That is where SEOptiks was born.

The Rest of the Team

James Chapman Profile Picture

Director of Technology

James Chapman

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