If you want to take your website to the front page of a competitive market, traditional SEO best practices can only get you so far.  A boost package raises the authority of your site by using multiple strategies to raise your search engine ranking.  How do we do it?

Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) is a score from 1-100, with the higher the number is, the more search engines consider you an authority.  This number is calculated by evaluating hundreds of different factors, including linking root domains, number of total links, a site’s trust score, and more.  DA is a comparative tool, meaning that there’s no “X is a good score, Y is a bad score”.  Sites like Google or Wikipedia naturally have extremely high Domain Authority because they are comprised almost entirely of links.  Most businesses will never be able to get the Domain Authority Score they have, so instead, they compare it to similar businesses.

Guest Posts

Guest posts are the big impact, using your key search terms in link backs to your site.  You are, in essence having a site vouch for you, and borrowing their authority on the keywords/anchor text you have linked.  Search engines typically respond extremely favorably to guest posts, as long as they make sense together.  A post on open heart surgery recovery will do extremely well if posted on a medical journal site, yet could actively harm rankings if instead it was posted on a knitting forum.

Social Profiles

Establishing a social profile not only counts as a citation but every interaction allows more targeted linking opportunities.  Social Authority is heavily considered in search engine rankings, so conversations with the right person/company can cause quite an uptick.

Pyramid Links

A link pyramid is a feedback loop of backlinks focused on specific anchor text at different levels of domain authority.  This creates raw domain authority by sheer volume of force. Each tier of the pyramid is important and has its own specific strategy.

  1. At the top of the pyramid is your website
  2. Your site is supported by high level guest posts and articles
  3. Those posts and articles are supported by links on relevant blogs and websites that might not be as authoritative
  4. Those links are referred to by quantity links, created by article syndication, profile links, and other general low value sites, but when placed together, create quite an impact.

Press Releases

In addition to the traditional benefits of Press Releases (additional exposure, local authority, industry authority), digital press releases provide two very important factors:  Link Diversity and more Citations.

If you attempt to over saturate your main keyword through guest posts, pyramid links, or other methods, search engines can penalize your site.  Link Diversity offered by Press Releases means being able to focus on secondary terms, balancing the strategy as a whole.  In addition, each published location of a press release acts as a citation, lending even more credibility.  One local press release, after being shared between industry sites, news sites, and local sites can lead to multiple high ranking citations.

Great Start

$1000 per month
  • 5 Guest Post
  • 5 Permanent Links
  • 1 Press Releases
  • Small Link Pyramid


$2000 per month
  • 10 Guest Post
  • 10 Permanent Links
  • 1 Press Releases
  • Medium Link Pyramid

Heavy Hitter

$4000 per month
  • 20 Guest Post
  • 20 Permanent Links
  • 1 Press Releases
  • Large Link Pyramid