Local Reputation Marketing Software

Getting Positive Reviews For Your Business

Having a fantastic reputation online is a must these days.  Customers have plenty of choices of who they will do business with and of course will always go with the most reputable.  If our business has bad reviews on Google or Yelp or other places like that, then it is time to take control of your reputation.  It can sometimes be hard to measure how much business you lost because a customer didn’t call.  We can change that and make sure you are being viewed as a thought leader in customer service with our reputation marketing software.

Here Is How It Works

Local ReviewsGetting More Local Reviews For Your Business Matters

When your company has new high quality reviews, it can be a serious ranking factor.  This reputation ranking signal can take a business to the top if done right.   We know businesses thrive when they are easily found, but even more so when their reputation matches their ranking.  Customers can be less defensive when they work with well recommended companies.

Automated Review Feedback System

Our Complete Review Generating System allows you to easily generate new reviews from your happy customers as well as helping identify customers who may need additional customer service in order to prevent negative reviews.  Most review platforms utilize a directory built to handle all of the incoming reviews.  Their hopes are to someday create a powerful directory housing your business reviews.  Our platform powers your website directly to become that review generating machine.

Automatically drive happy customers directly to the sites to generate positive reviews on Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor or any of the major review sites.  At the same time follow up with less than stellar feedback to ensure they get fantastic service going forward preventing negative feedback later on.

Let Them Access Reviews On Your Website

We create incredible site content by sharing your customers experience directly on your website.  Keeping your would be new prospect on the site instead of losing them by clicking away.  This creates incredible timely and up to date content.