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Is Your Website Working For Your Business?

Standard technology rules dictate a company should overhaul its website every three years.  Maybe you think that's ridiculous, perhaps you just paid someone to re-work your website, or any of another hundred excuses there are to be made about not making a website your priority.

But it comes down to asking yourself five questions:

Is It


Is It


Is It


Is It


Most Importantly
Are You Getting Leads?

Why Do You Need An Industrial B2B Specific Marketing Company?

You aren't getting traffic

Especially in highly competitive markets, simply having a website isn't good enough any more.  Search Engine Optimization is a multi-layered process that starts from the minute your site is created, ensuring that the people and companies that are looking for your products and services can find you.  Inside the manufacturing and industrial space, traditional keywords and search terms won't cut it.  Your prospective clients are using specialized terms and phrases that the majority of online marketing companies wouldn't consider, resulting in traffic that costs you money, but doesn't make any profit.  SEOptiks has worked with clients across the industrial and manufacturing space to increase specialized qualified traffic.

Your visitors aren't converting into leads

Traffic doesn't always mean sales.  It's a simple matter to throw out some targeted ads and have visitors rolling in, but are they the right visitors?  And if they are the right visitors, are they finding what they're looking for?  SEOptiks takes special pride in our Conversion Optimization Tactics, allowing us to make sure that not only is the traffic qualified, but that the entire site experience is catered towards helping that visitor convert into a lead for whatever stage of your buying process they're in.  Our extensive lead nurturing tools allow us to follow the buyer journey and see where improvements can be made.

Your current site doesn't showcase your expertise

The nature of an industrial marketing strategy is complex, with customized products or services and an extended and highly consultative sales process.  As a result, you need to establish your capabilities and know how on your website.  It's not enough to just list what you do, you need to show how your company innovates, that you understand your prospective clients' pain points and specific needs.  A prospect is much more likely to give business to an authority in the field, and our strategy will do just that. 

Case Study
Mueller Corp - Vacuum Metalizing

The Problem:

The site they started with was poorly structured, with no calls to action and no SEO best practices being followed. Their images weren't optimized for size or search, and were slowing down the site's loading time, leading to a large number of site bounces.   All of this was in addition to a severe lack of industry  terminology use geared towards their B2B clientele, leading to almost no leads.  

The Plan:

Outside of a general re-design to update the site and make it more user friendly, we wanted to focus on their on-page SEO, restructuring the layout and content to adhere to best practices, as well as expanding their local online presence and cementing their expertise in vacuum metalizing.  While they still maintained a B2C revenue stream, we wanted to ensure a clear path for their B2B visitors to convert.

The Execution:

We moved them to a flexible WordPress theme, not only because it was a good foundation, but it allowed us to expedite launching the site.  By starting off with WordPress, we also were able to quickly carry out a mobile experience.  We implemented best practices across their content, images, and code to help clarify essential terms for search engines.  Their gallery was automated to best utilize the work that was already being done across social media, and we came up with a extremely tailored keyword strategy and put it into practice across the foundational pages, while optimizing the link structure of the supporting pages to give more credence and authority.

The Results:

To date:

  • Averaging 30+ qualified leads each month
  • Bounce rate average of 6% or less
  • First page rankings in Google for all foundational pages
  • #1 spot rankings in Google for targeted search terms
  • Several authority establishing SERPs for highly competitive terms.

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