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SEO is a nuanced beast, and with the latest updates to Google, it’s become apparent that link building is more important than ever.  Previously, link building was achieved by having as many links as possible, which is where the term “link farm” came from.  But now, a link’s relevancy, as well as appropriate keyword saturated anchor tags are one of the most important aspects of your site ranking well.

Core Components

Internal Linking

Internal Linking Strategy

Internal links are the links from one page to another on the same domain.  When used correctly, they build a foundation of support pages to lend authority to conversion pages, and boost the SEO of all parties involved.
External Linking

External Linking Strategy

External links consist of links on other domains, that point to your site.  These are extremely valuable for SEO, as the original domain (or referrer), is essentially vouching for your site’s authority.
Supporting Articles

Supporting Articles

A conversion page should be direct and to the point, which leads little room for authoritative content.  Fortunately, we can create multiple instances of keyword focused content on support pages.  These pages rank extremely high for page authority and we then use those high ranking pages to link back to the conversion page.
Industry Articles

Industry Specific Articles

Not all link sources are the same.  Getting appropriate anchor text links from a site in your industry is invaluable.  Not only does it lend credence and share domain authority with your site, by choosing the right anchor tags, you can focus traffic for your most ideal and highly profitable keywords.


When dealing with a highly specialized industry, frequently in-industry terminology is used.  While experienced visitors will already be well aware of what specific terms mean, by creating a glossary and linking to it throughout a domain, the page becomes a beacon of knowledge establishing expertise that search engines regard quite favorably.  These boost page rankings and makes the site a prime candidate for coveted SERPs.
Press Release

Industry Press Releases

Spreading the news of a new product or service isn’t just a local project, it needs to be done across numerous industry news sources to ensure that the right people see it.  On top of that, establishing your company’s brand with that of the industry flagship associations and publications lends credence to your business that shifts into page and domain authority for your website.


While not a fit for every business, internal linking through e-commerce is an efficient and often automated way to create an impactful internal linking strategy.  By showcasing additional items and pages with the right anchor tags, an e-commerce page can create a strong self-feeding loop of authoritative content.
Expertise Sharing

Expertise Sharing

Your business has an extremely valuable commodity.  Not just your products or services, but your expertise and knowledge.  Creating content with the expressed purpose of sharing that expertise opens a world of possibilities for external linking.  Releasing content via social media, guest posts, tracking questions and requests relating to your industry on social media and forums all have the ability to help your search rankings to skyrocket.