Listings Management

Are Your Business Listings Accurate And Consistent?

A crucial step in ensuring your business is winning at local marketing is to make sure that your business and any additional branches have all of their information kept up to date and accurate across the massive local ecosystem.  Accuracy is important for two reasons.  First people like accurate information, and when things are accurate they trust them more often and thus use things more often.  So second comes the search engines provide customers with the best possible answer, and the most accurate up to date answer is usually the best one.  So search engines will reward consistency and quality over listings that are not accurate.  Our software helps us ensure our companies are being viewed the most accurate way possible at every single location.

Here Is How It Works

Deep Business Listing NAP AuditingGlobe

Our system is built on the idea that managing location NAP info should be thorough and comprehensive.  Our tools enable anyone to identify the most important local listings and verify those listings have been claimed and are accurate.  Get a top down view of all of your listings.  We start with the most common and important like Google My Business, Yelp, Superpages etc, and then eventually work our way through hundreds more.

NAP Accuracy Matters

We dive in deep scanning each listing and factoring in the Name, Address, and Phone Number against our Google standard.  This tool allows us to regularly monitor changes and mistakes and ensure we fix them.  Inaccurate information is far more common than most people believe.  Because sources tend to cross verify and aggregate from other sources, it isn’t uncommon to see them overwrite a good one and leave behind a wrong one.  By monitoring the listings and ensuring they are always accurate, it will take one problem away for you to worry about.

Massive Syndication

We make sure we push out the correct information to the proper networks.  When data aggregators get updated they act as an amplifier.  They are the go to source for hundreds of websites that stay up to date with their listings via these partners.  It is crucial to ensure the aggregators are given the proper information to feed back to their massive information networks.

One Click Listing Claiming

When we build listings outside of the network, our system allows us to plan and create new listings in custom places not found in traditional products.  Our advanced system allows us to identify unique opportunities and leverage making them part of our overall strategy.

Screenshot_3Competitive Analysis

How can you beat your competition if you don’t know what they are doing?  Well now we can with our newest spying technology that allows us to identify listings that our competition has yet we don’t.  We can see exactly how they have been able to create the network of listings that push them higher in the search engines, and now we can create an even higher quality counter measure.  Very few companies take this level of auditing to their work, which is how we keep our edge over them.