Local On-Page SEO

A Scalable Multi Location Solution Optimized For Search

Our new technology makes creating quality content designed to enhance your local presence a scalable process.  Managing many different locations can be complex and confusing.  Not only is there the single location specific, there is the individual reputation and local links relevant to that page.  Think of the fact that every business location has a local Google, Yelp, and other relevant location specific pages.  Keeping them all organized is a daunting challenge.  Our system solves that.

Here Is How It Works

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Our turnkey solution structures data on your website to thrive in the local market.  No matter how many locations you have, our system will allow you to create quality local and relevant content to seamlessly integrate and manage the best practices involved with local marketing strategies.  From the simple location information like store hours and location, to the more complex issues such as the branch specific reviews.  We bring that content into one place in a simple  to manage solution.

Fresh Content Updated Regularly

One of the most important things a customer reads is reviews, so making sure your reviews are fresh and updated only makes sense to provide that potential customer with the tools they need to make buying decisions.  SEOptiks provides fresh data feeds monitoring your reputation and sharing it in a way clients can access immediately.  This helps them make better buying decisions without having to leave the comfort of your own website.  That generates more customers for your business which means more revenue for your bottom line.

Increase Click Through Rates Which Means More Traffic

Ranking first in Google for certain keywords is the holy grail of an SEO strategy.  Anyone who has tried in competitive markets knows that is not a sure thing no matter how hard you try.  Good luck beating Yelps website in some markets and keywords.  One thing you can do however, is creating quality structured snippets to make your site stand out from the crowd.  You can increase your clicks simply by standing out over the other competitors.  Being ahead of everyone else is the secret.  Our technology does just that.  Now your local website can stand out just like Yelp and other bigger websites do.