Local SEO Software

Local Marketing Software Built For Small Business

Our world is working with small business to help them grow their business by leveraging the online technologies and digital experiences that consumers now favor.  Every day the online arms race continues to grow more complex and more expensive to compete. This favors big brands and big budgets over the smaller local business.  The real challenge is that a local business owner has limited dollars to invest and needs to maximize how far it goes.  An entrepreneur is not afraid to roll up their sleeves to do a little work themselves.  Time is expensive when being billed for labor by vendors and agencies, typical agency fees range between $100 to $300 dollars per hour.  Certain tasks just aren’t worth those big dollars per hour, yet they need to be done.  That is why we created our software.  It enables a mixture of technology and the resources small businesses have to create a better situation where tasks that can get done in house get done, so that high value tasks are being worked on for agency rates.

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