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SEOptiks partners with businesses to help them grow. We have created an innovative local SEO marketing software, LocalOptiks,that produces an incredible digital experience for the modern consumer. Every day, competing in the online marketing race becomes more complex and expensive. This culture favors big brands and big budgets over smaller local business. The real challenge is that the local business owner is investing with limited dollars and must maximize how far it goes. Time is expensive when it is billed by vendors and agencies. Typical agency fees can range from $100 to $300 dollars per hour. Certain tasks are just not worth those big dollars, yet they still need to be done. That is why we created our LocalOptiks Local SEO Software. It combines a mixture of technology and the resources that small businesses have to create a digital experience big agencies cannot offer.

Explore the wide range of tasks and services our LocalOptiks can deliver by scrolling down to learn more about how it works. We are currently in beta and are interested in speaking with businesses who are curious about participating.

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Local Listings Management Software For Small Business

Accurate and timely information is crucial for businesses whose goal is local marketing success. Each part of a local ecosystem must have everything it needs, when it is needed, in order for it to trust its source. This allows for continued use and the best possible outcomes.

In other words, your customers must be able to access accurate information about you through your local business listings when they need it so they can make decisions about making a purchase.

Search engines favor quality and consistency in business listings. Inaccuracy hurts your score and ultimately will cost you money in lost sales due to trust. Using a system to ensure that your information is the most accurate in every single location, is the only way to build and keep that trust of your customers.

SEOptiks uses our software LocalOptiks to do just that. We give your customers what they need in order for you to gain the sale.

Deep Business Listing NAP Auditing

LocalOptiks is built on the premise that managing location NAP information should be thorough and comprehensive. Our tools enable anyone to identify the most important local listings, verify that those listings have been claimed, and that the listings are accurate. We start with the most common and important listings such as Google My Business, Yelp, and Superpages, and then check the accuracy of hundreds more. Get a top down view of all your listings.

NAP Accuracy Matters

We dive in deep, scanning each listing and factoring in the Name, Address, and Phone Number against our Google standard. This tool allows us to regularly monitor changes and mistakes so they can be fixed. Inaccurate information is far more common than most people believe. Because sources tend to cross verify and aggregate from other sources, it is not uncommon to see accurate information overwritten with inaccurate. We reduce your worry by monitoring the listings and ensuring they are always accurate.

Massive Syndication

LocalOptiks disseminates accurate information to the appropriate networks. When data aggregators get updated they act as an amplifier to hundreds of online listings. They are the go-to source for hundreds of listings websites. It is crucial that the aggregators are given the accurate information to feed back to the massive information networks that rely on them.

One Click Listing Claiming

When we build listings outside of the network we plan and create new listings in custom places not found in traditional products. LocalOptiks allows us to identify unique opportunities and leverage making them part of your overall strategy.

Competitive Analysis

How can you beat your competition if you don’t know what they are doing? Well, we do know! LocalOptiks allows us to identify listings that our competition has that we do not yet have. We see exactly how they have been able to create the network of listings that push them higher in the search engines, and we can create an even higher quality countermeasure. This advanced level of auditing is rare and allows us to keep our edge over our competition.
Reputation Management Software

Reputation Marketing Software For Your Business

Having a quality, trusted reputation online is a must. Your customers have plenty of choices of who they will do business with and of course, they will always go with the most reputable. If your business has questionable reviews on Google, Yelp, or similar listings, then it is time to take control. How much business have you lost because a customer did not call? We make sure you are being viewed as a leader in customer service with our reputation marketing software. LocalOptiks gets you there.

Getting More Local Reviews For Your Business Matters

When you receive a high quality online review, it is a huge factor in your search engine ranking. This reputation ranking signal can take a business to the top if it is done right. Businesses thrive when they are easily found, and even more so when their stellar reputation matches their ranking. Customers can be more confident in their purchase decisions when they buy from highly recommended companies.

Automated Review Feedback System

Our Complete Review Generating System in LocalOptiks allows you to easily generate new reviews from your happy customers. Just as important, you have the ability to identify customers who may need additional customer service, preventing negative reviews. Most review platforms utilize a directory built to handle all of the incoming reviews. LocalOptiks powers your website to directly become that review generating machine.

Drive happy customers directly to the sites to generate positive reviews on any of the major review sites, and follow up with less than stellar feedback to ensure they get fantastic service going forward preventing negative feedback later on.

Let Them Access Reviews On Your Website

We create incredible site content by sharing your customer’s positive experience directly on your website, keeping your new prospect on the site instead of losing them.
Local SEO Software

A Scalable Multi Location Local SEO Software

Our new technology makes creating quality content designed to enhance your local presence a scalable process.  Managing many different locations can be complex and confusing.  Not only is there the single location specific, there is the individual reputation and local links relevant to that page.  Think of the fact that every business location has a local Google, Yelp, and other relevant location specific pages.  Keeping them all organized is a daunting challenge. Our system solves that.

Localized On Page SEO – Geo Location Optimized Landing Pages

Our turnkey solution structures the data on your website to thrive in the local market. No matter how many locations you have, our system will allow you to create quality local and relevant content to seamlessly integrate and manage the best practices involved with local marketing strategies. From the simple location information like store hours and location to the more complex issues such as the branch specific reviews. We bring that content into one place in a simple to manage solution.

When the data on your website is structured properly, it can thrive in local search, no matter how many locations you have. LocalOptiks allows you to create and integrate quality, relevant, local content. It also handles the best practices involved with local marketing strategies for you. From simple content, such as store hours and location, to more complex such as branch specific reviews, we bring that content into one place in a simple-to-manage solution.

Multi Location Enterprise Level Local SEO

Managing one location is tricky. Without technology, managing hundreds of locations is downright impossible. LocalOptiks organizes the information and quickly makes building out markets far simpler for a small team to handle. When each new market location is challenged with facing the best competitors in that city, it is important to bring your “A” game to the table. SEOptiks software is the answer.

Fresh Content Updated Regularly

One of the most important things to a customer is reviews. Providing current reviews gives potential customers with the tools they need to make buying decisions. LocalOptiks provides fresh data feeds that monitor your reputation and share it in a way that clients can access immediately. Ultimately, they make better buying decisions without having to leave the comfort of your website. This can generate more customers for your business, and more revenue for your bottom line.

Increasing Click Through Rates With Structured Data Means More Traffic

Ranking first in Google for certain keywords is the ultimate goal of an SEO strategy. Anyone who has competed in emulous markets knows that is not a sure thing no matter how hard you try. There are never guarantees when vying for position against some companies in certain markets and for competitive keywords. One thing you can do to stand out over your competitors is to create quality structured snippets to make your site stand out from the crowd. Being ahead of everyone else is the secret. LocalOptiks does just that. Your local website can stand out like larger websites do.

Local Inbound Marketing Software

Getting out the message of what you do locally has just become a very fast and simple process. Our LocalOptiks cutting-edge technology allows you to generate high-quality content directly from your team and get it to the web at lightning speed, lowering the cost of making your business look like an enterprise-run company.

We Just Made Blogging Fast and Affordable

Why pay an agency to create content that is disconnected from the reality of the field? We created the world’s best software, LocalOptiks, for small businesses that empowers you to create new and interesting content without having to spend hours thinking about what to write. Instead, empower your employees to create relevant blog posts on the job!

Fresh Content is Crucial to Buying Decisions

Many assume that price is the most important thing to a customer. In reality, quality is always a bigger consideration. If the customer’s perception is that two services are exactly the same, then they will choose based on price. By giving your customers a better understanding of why your company is better, they will be more likely to choose quality over price. LocalOptiks makes it simple for you.

Give Customers Exactly What They Are Looking For In Real Time

Potential customers are ready to buy services from the best company that can solve their problems. The easier it is, the faster they decide. By providing customers with all of the information they need to make a buying decision, they will make a buying decision with your company instead of the competition.

Social Media Software For Small Business

Creating and sharing content is a small business challenge that impacts everyone. Instead of finding an outsider to tell your businesses story, enable your employees through our LocalOptiks software.

Get Content Directly Into Your Business Console

Our LocalOptiks App allows you to easily create your own content that is ready to share across all of the integrated social websites. What used to take teams of people to accomplish, can now be done through one person. This marketing force multiplier allows you to use your budget wisely in other areas, giving you an edge.

Simple Posting To All Of Your Major Social Websites

LocalOptiks enables you to audit, share, and schedule your social updates directly to the social networks that matter in a simple click. This is truly a game-changer for your business, or your clients who may use this software.

Get Employees Engaged

Our LocalOptiks Social Platform is built to get your employees engaged by contributing to your marketing. There are some exciting things coming soon, stay tuned for updates.

We are currently in beta and are interested in speaking with businesses who are curious about participating.

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