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We have packaged the perfect small business solution together to solve your local marketing challenges and win new business.  Here is what is included.

High Quality and Converting Wordpress Website

We build a high quality local business website built and optimized to grow your small business.  We include everything you need to get online and and make an incredible first impression.

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    WordPress Website
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    Hosting and Tech Support
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    Advanced Plugins Installed For SEO
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    Fully SEO Optimized Website
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    1 Google Business Enterprise Email (more can be added).
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    In House Writers (our office in NH) no more lowered expectations.
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    Full Tech Support
Marketing Meter

A Complete Internet Marketing System

Customers Love Reading Reviews

Local Marketing Software

Using our own advanced In House Built Software. This handles the lion shares of activities and steps needed to win the internet.   For local businesses, building local links is crucial. Our software manages and builds hundreds of local links based on competitor reports to give you the edge.

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    Build Out Complete Google, Yelp, Yahoo and hundreds of other local profiles.
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    Push Out To Data Aggregators
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    Fully Optimized Profiles To Rank Better/

Build And Share Reviews!

Getting more reviews is a fast way to build credibility and get attention.  Our software simplifies this process with a custom built app to collect reviews from clients on site.  We then take those reviews and share them on your website to build up high quality content and structured data.  This means more traffic and more customers.

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    Get More Positive Reviews. Don't let the few angry customers spoil the bunch.
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    Good Reviews Create Good Content!
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    Referrals are the best source of new customers, this just takes that further.


Marketing Meter

We aren't done yet...  More Content Marketing Made Easy.

Share Your Story And Win At SEO At The Same Time. Blogging Finally Simplified.

You get our amazing tool that will allow you to share your content.  Take a picture of your daily projects, have employees do it too.  Then we make it amplify.  

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    The Easiest Blogging Technique You Never Used.
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    Create Newsworthy Content That Readers Actually Care About
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    Trust us we know your likely saying I don't have the time or willingness to bother.  You just have to see it yourself.

Amplify Your Content Automatically!

Not only does your content go directly on your blog, it then get's syndicated across the web.  Of course Facebook and Twitter get updated, but so does dozens of other content blogs.  

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    We handle most of the work.
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    Create a massive amount of new content in a natural way.
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    Again, trust us you just need to see it to believe it yourself.

The technology we use enables you to save thousands and create a better end product at the same time.

Marketing Meter

Last But Not Least, Awesome Reporting.

In order to get better and improve, you need to be able to measure your success.  We provide the key important tracking tools for you to measure your success and continue growing your marketing footprint.

Marketing Meter

Why Us? - SEOptiks Is US Based In New Hampshire.

You'll be hard-pressed to find the same level of expertise that our team provides

We have you covered every step of the way, from professional website design, SEO optimization and lead generation.  You are now 95% of the way towards achieving. 

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