Paid Search

Buying Clicks Is Easy – Avoiding Bad Clicks Takes Skill

We are often asked why should someone choose us to manage their Google Adwords or them instead of doing it themselves.  There are many different reasons a professional manager should do a better job.  Our goal here is to give a few tangible ideas as to what it takes to run a high quality campaign built for profit and why we are a great partner to do it with.

Here Is How It Works

Defining Our Campaign Goals

If you want to accomplish your goals you have to define them first.  The same is true when you embark on any marketing campaign.  The goals that we work towards can range from creating a branding effort raising awareness, a lead opt in strategy to build an emailing list, or maybe we want direct ROI measured from leads call in or apply through a form.  Once we define what our sales process is and what success for our campaign looks like, we can begin to strategize on how we create and roll out our campaign.

Campaign Research And Competitor Reconnaissance

We utilize expensive tools and subscriptions that allow us to research all of the finer details of what your competition is doing with their paid campaigns.  This allows us to understand where they are most competitive and how they are messaging their value propositions.  By understanding the market place, we are able to get an edge on the competition and launch campaigns that are more successful directly out of the gates.

Tracking And Analytic Tools

We utilize additional tools to manage and track our results.  Google Analytics can be helpful but only can tell you part of the story.  Google prefers to keep data anonymous from us marketers and keeps things somewhat impersonal.  That is why other tools can fill in the gaps with what is happening on your site.  Most importantly is seeing the direct interaction customers are having with your website.

Active Monitoring

One expectation you should have with a professionally managed campaign is that someone is minding the shop.  Paid advertising happens in real time these days.  As market volumes change day to day so do costs.  The competition is often adjusting their campaigns to these changes and we need to as well.  Margins are just simply too tight to set a campaign and forget about it.  The competition can eat you alive if that is the only effort you put into it.

Landing Page Optimization

One thing that really separates our approach from the rest is our ability and willingness to regularly optimize the user experience to match the paid campaigns.  If you only focus on optimizing the campaign from inside the Adwords Dashboard then you are missing more than half the equation for success.  Consider how many times you optimized the pages your customers see first and usually you will find that area is really lacking.

Conversion Optimization Tactics

We leverage tools like opt in forms, call to actions and pop ups, and squeeze pages depending on the type of business and potential customers you may have.  You can trust us to work hard optimizing your campaigns and making sure we pull every ounce of results out of the campaigns.