So You Want To Build An Effective Marketing Team – Let’s Talk Numbers

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Marketing Can Often Be A Zero Sum Game

The problem with marketing and why it just doesn’t work for so many is no matter what they tried, it simply wasn’t good enough. In order to achieve success, a business needs to win over the competitors. When a potential customer is considering where to purchase from, they likely are only seriously considering one company. This means whoever does something best and does it consistently will likely get all the spoils. It also means those coming in a close second often feel nothing they do works. This is the reason a business owner will hear all about the success of others, yet can’t seem to make it work for themselves. To win, we have to be the best in class. Knowing that, SEOptiks has geared our pricing and philosophy to be driven by the level of competition a business is up against in their market.

Too often it’s assumed marketing is a software driven solution with an easy answer. But business owners quickly find out, in order to be effective, there needs to be considerable time and thought put into building out a compelling marketing strategy. Something as simple as creating a new page of content requires not merely writing it but understanding the need to even create a new page in the first place, analyzing what customers searching that new topic are looking for, putting together a compelling piece of content, and then actually posting that content on the website. This is just one small aspect of what it takes to build a quality marketing campaign.

Hiring Inhouse Versus Outsourcing My Internet Marketing To An Agency

How Much Does  Internet Marketing Cost?

Every business owner should be weighing the option of hiring an in-house marketing team vs an Internet Marketing Agency to handle the heavy lifting for them. The goal of this exercise is to compare the costs of these options to better understand the investment of building the high-quality internet presence you are seeking.

Let’s break it down into three core areas.

  • Employee Costs
  • Technology Costs
  • Marketing Costs

Employee Costs

From our experience, it takes a diverse group of people with unique and specialized skills to successfully create and execute a marketing strategy that works. It makes quite a bit of sense when you consider a talented graphic artist is more valuable and profitable when they’re designing, and not when they’re struggling to handle coding errors. So we need to staff the perfect team to handle all areas we need to bring together to find success.

Let’s Build Our Team

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Marketing Manager

$39,363 – $101,525 per year

It all starts with the leader who has the vision for taking a problem and understanding what it takes to solve it. Is the issue with the content, or are there technical complications holding things back? This person will likely have a strong command of a wide variety of skills and awareness of how it all comes together. Often this person digests data and information, then interprets those results into next step actions. They are your project manager and will handle all of the moving parts. But with that, they don’t master the specialized skills needed for every individual task to be completed efficiently at the standard required for an extremely competitive high profile online marketing strategy.

Web Developer

$33,018 – $86,443 per year

If you expect to compete with a high-performance race car, the more you expect it to acheive and squeeze out every last drop of performance, the more you will need someone who understands the mechanics of how it works to make success a possibility. A great website developer is the online equivalent of a mechanic and has the capability to not only handle arising problems, but properly set the system up so problems are less likely to occur in the first place. From constant security updates to the integration of advanced systems that turn traffic into clicks, this team member will ensure your website is always working with the latest and highest standards. They can take any content or graphic designs and make them look seamless while ensuring performance, site speed and mobile friendly responsiveness.

Systems Engineer

$46,267 – $112,348 per year

Often, the public presumes a standard Website Developer will possess the skills to handle every system and network issue that emerges, but depending on the complexity of various support systems tied into a website, email provider, and other back-end issues like server-side performance and security, these need to be handled at a systems level. When a complex issue comes up or you need to archive a backup, you will be glad a dedicated systems engineer is close by with the answers fast. Chances are your business wouldn’t need this person all too often, but when in the crucial moment when you do, you’ll be glad you had the foresight to bring them on the team.

SEO Specialist

$30,072 – $64,633 per year

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are the lifeblood of websites. They’re how your business is discovered, they’re the trenches of where the victors and losers are decided, and they are constantly changing. What was considered vital and best practices one day can actively harm your rankings the next. A capable search engine optimization specialist is on the cutting edge of what’s needed to stay relevant and rank well, as well as what a site should actively avoid. They’re familiar with the nuances of the right balance of keywords to content without being penalized, how to structure a site so search engines will consider it an authority, and all the tips and tricks to get your listing where the most qualified leads will see it.

SEM Specialist

$32,804 – $66,054 per year

Search Engine Marketing is the umbrella that SEO sits under. While an SEO specialist concerns themselves with the nuts and bolts of how rankings work, an SEM specialist uses that information to bring visitors to the site, the form on top of the function. Social media strategy, what sites to get listed on, the best places to write guest posts, all these and more are their responsibility. They know different search terms are a huge indicator of where a visitor is in their buying journey, and how to present specialized content that will convert them into a paying customer. This team member is responsible for understanding the mindset of a visitor as well as site goals and marrying the two together.

Content Writer

$26,538 – $71,694 per year

“Content is king” is a common saying in the online marketing world and for good reason. Great content boosts SEO, gets shared on social media, republished on other sites, brings visitors to your site and convinces them to stay. But creating this kind of content is time-consuming, and often requires a very nuanced skill-set depending on the subject matter and intended audience. In addition, the sheer volume of content needed to stay highly ranked is not only overwhelming, but difficult for those have a passion for writing. Talented content writers not only create carefully refined pages, posts, white papers, or any of the other plethora of content options but they do it consistently over and over again.

Graphic Artist

$26,516 – $71,877 per year

Graphic design is what changed the internet from a glorified interconnected Word document into the impressive widely varied array of websites we have today. The design of your site, how it’s laid out, the graphic elements, typography, color scheme, styles of photography, all live in the realm of the graphic artist. Oftentimes, the design aspect of a company is the first interaction anyone has with it, and your graphic artist ensures that vital impression is one of professionalism and polish. This team member elevates even the most humble web page into an engaging experience, boosts your content to the next level, and sets you apart from all your competition.

The Total Cost of a Marketing Team


$4,511 – $9,318


$19,548 – $40,381


$234,578 – $484,574

As you can see, the cost of creating a team is quite expensive (believe us, we know), but getting the right people for each job is beyond crucial if you want your end product to be a success. Realistically, most business owners only consider bringing these people in part time. Aside from best-qualified employees tending to seek steady full-time positions with benefits, getting everyone on the same page of what you are trying to create is another hurdle entirely. It isn’t practical to hire a brand new employee and expect them to understand your entire business by the end of the day. Anyone requires time to begin learning about a company if they ever truly plan to understand it. That is true with any employee from any department.

Technology Costs

As our marketing team is now in place, they require some essential tools. In addition to basic needs like office space, desks, chairs, computers, post-its, etc, getting ahead online means going above and beyond the basics. Your team will have to utilize additional specialized products and services to thrive and get an edge.  But remember, most employees, especially best-quality employees, aren’t going to be emptying their own pockets to get access to these tools, the company is expected to provide them.  At an agency the same is true for our employees, not only does everyone have high performing computers, multiple monitors, high speed internet or desks and chairs shown to improve workplace health and efficiency, they also have a toolkit of essential technology they couldn’t work without.

Website Related Costs

$100 - $300
Much More with Premium Email Services

It's extremely unlikely to have a top performing WordPress website using only the cheapest shared hosting, and free third party plugins. The best options cost money, but the extra performance and stability they provide will certainly more than pay for their initial cost. From upgraded hosting to premium plugins and themes, expect to invest roughly $100 to $300 per month. Of course you can attempt to accomplish the same thing with a myriad of one offs, and dedicate countless hours testing each one against the other with every update, but that way leads madness.

Marketing Software

$300 - $2,500 per month

Software is an important aspect of marketing, but you can find its costs adding up quickly. Inbound Marketing programs like Hubspot, call tracking, and advanced analytics tools will also cost. SEO auditing software is also vital, containing link auditing, content quality, site health auditing and everything in between, you will want multiple subscriptions to sites that seem similar on the surface, but each offer different, yet essential data. Because we are an agency with high expectations, we utilize over a half dozen programs for our clients, costing hundreds of dollars per month to properly analyze every aspect of of their sites and develop a winning strategy.

Asset Licensing

$50+ per month

Image allocation from the appropriate channels is a time consuming and expensive task. Sourcing photos and graphics from stock sources may not seem important, but copyright is a very serious thing. Make sure your team is able to purchase assets like pictures and videos from credible websites to avoid any concerns about taking other people's work, and adhere to all licensing requirements. It is certainly cheaper and easier in the now to cut corners, but doing so could lead to the loss of your business.

Marketing Costs

Now that we have the team and right tools in place, the marketing can begin. As you’ve probably noticed in this process, these costs can add up as well, and many of them are part of an ongoing process and will have to be repeated yearly, monthly or even weekly depending on your goals.

Press Releases & Other Outreach

$400 - $5,000

Press releases, guest posting, industry articles and other types of outreach are very effective, but that effectiveness comes with a price tag. Depending on distribution, a single press release can easily cost hundreds of dollars, an article on a popular news site or blog can reach into the thousands. Not to mention editorial review costs and other various inclusions so be prepare to set aside a budget for this.

Local Listings & Premium Profiles

$100 - $2,500
per Month

Depending on the local listings you are going after, it can often make sense it certain circumstances to upgrade the listings to premium options. Google is always the top goal, but many of these outlets also create lots of relevant and quality traffic too. These different websites have to pay their bills so often they charge for placement on services.

Premium Associations

$100 - $5,000

As long as businesses have existed, reputable companies have belonged to quality assurance organizations. From national industry associations to local chambers of commerce, potential customers often vet those they do business with by what organization is willing to take their dues. If your competition is a paying to be a member, and you're trying to compete against them, you're already at a disadvantage. Don't feel you have to outright copy them, but if you aren't, be prepared to find alternatives that can create the same return.

OK Marketing In House Is Expensive

What’s The Cost With SEOptiks?

We understand very well that the majority of small business owners adding up all the expenses above are going to realize attempting to handle an aggressive online strategy in-house isn’t feasible. Yet we also know it all of these aspects have to come together in order to compete online and be a success.  In fact, what we list above is exactly what it took to build SEOptiks and the team we have.

So we offer a different vision.  We know how hard the challenges are, and how high the economic cost is to deliver a program that works for small businesses, so we have simplified what we offer to be optimized for the small and medium business.  By being highly efficient with the proper use of resources and technology, we have compressed our prices to a level that can grow a company with positive ROI without having to compromise on quality.  Marketing is extremely challenging and very expensive, but our commitment to our clients is to work as hard as we can each month to be your best employee.  Just like in real life, there will be things that come easy and challenges that take longer than expected, we try very hard to work our hardest every day for your company.

Our Pricing

To make our services more approachable for a variety of businesses, we decided to standardized many aspects of our strategy.  One of these shifts was offering the same core services and resources in every package. The smallest companies have the least competition, not needing to apply as many resources to achieve success.  On the other end, if your business is facing hefty competition, the additional amount of work needed to compete is built into the appropriate price point.  We are happy to explain what is different, but the core concept is based on your site goals and the current opposition.  A good rule of thumb is that you compete locally at the city level, regionally at a larger city/metro level, or you compete nationally.  Don’t forget that national companies can still be considered regional competition, and are still something to consider in your strategy.


$1,000per month
$1,000per month
  • Wordpress Website with Professional Template
  • Keyword Optimization and Local SEO
  • Google Analytics Reports
  • Three Optimized Lead Forms
  • Monthly Traffic Report
  • Link Social Accounts


$3,000per month
$3,000per month
  • Wordpress Website with Customized Template
  • Advanced Keyword Optimization, Basic Schema and a Custom Content per month
  • Mautic Integration for Full Lead Tracking
  • Six Optimized and Targeted Lead Forms
  • Lead Reporting and Paid Ad Budget
  • Social Media Strategy


$6,000per month
$6,000per month
  • Full Custom Design Wordpress Website
  • Advanced Keyword Optimization, Custom Content and Expanded Schema
  • Full Funnel Drip Campaign
  • Unlimited Forms
  • Lead Reporting and Expanded Paid Ads Campaign
  • Social Media Strategy and Implementation

Cost Savings with SEOptiks

Monthly Cost Comparison


Saved per Year

*based on total of lowest possible outcome of overall cost


Saved per Year

*based on average mean of overall cost


Saved per Year

*based on total of highest possible outcome of overall cost

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