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Client: Nashua Wallpaper

Needs: Create an engaging site that showcases not only the physical location but also the wide array of professional services they offer.

Nashua Wallpaper has been a local staple of the Nashua, NH community for 70 years. With a huge selection of interior design and decor selections for homeowners and professionals alike, a hardware store with specialized items big box stores could only dream of, and teams that not only design but build and remodel kitchens, basements, and bathrooms, they’re a wealth of tools and information.  That being said, their web presence was non-existent outside of a vendor-hosted directory listing. Many transplants to the area had no idea what NWP offered, and as a result, we decided to overhaul their online image.

Website Development

We created a standalone site that allowed Nashua Wallpaper the opportunity to showcase their wide assortment of home improvement and remodeling products, and allow for customers to easily find the information on what they’re looking for. To combat the shop’s deceivingly small outward appearance, we implemented 360 degree views of the main departments to show how massive the interior truly is.

Visitors can sign up for design consultations, download coupons, see the brands they have on offer, and soon be able to visit each department virtually to see in detail all the options available.


Good shareable content is the best form of inbound marketing, and we are in the midst of creating a program that will create a fountain of such content for a good long time.  By focusing on educating the consumer through in depth articles complemented by skimmable info-graphics, we both educate the consumer, while establishing Nashua Wallpaper as an expert in their fields.  These content pieces can be backlinked internally throughout the site, as well as promoted on social media.  In addition, each social media profile will have individual content items and graphics catered to that particular audience, showing a polished brand experience.

Site Health

Adhering to best practices when building site structure, content and SEO are the best way to keep a site healthy as well as optimize loading speed.  In addition to the work we do on every client site, we took special care to

SEO Services

Here we have the unique opportunity of catering our SEO efforts to both DIYers, and those looking for a turnkey renovation.  Both parties need professional help and guidance with remodeling or renovating their kitchens, bathrooms, and basements, but are looking for vastly different things.  We also had to consider how highly competitive the remodeling market is, as well as how we would only be competing against other local companies.

With all that in mind, we decided to focus on really hitting the Nashua, NH keywords, and researched search queries used by both professional and beginner home improvement aficionados by delving deep into social media, forums and search engine reports.  We also utilized information from home decor inspiration sites and online accounts and measured the success and traffic from all those terms, cross referencing them with the competitors in the area.  Once the research was complete, we created an SEO keyword strategy and began the introductory implementation.

In the mere months since the SEO plan went into effect, Nashua Wallpaper’s visibility has outpaced their competitors, Going from not even registering on the first 100 results, to first page listings for the majority of their highly competitive anchor search terms, and climbing higher every day.