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Paying bills. Calculating payroll. Invoicing. Interviewing. Managing projects. You have all sorts of time to think about how to get new customers, right? Hiring a marketing agency can save you time and money. Next to hiring a bookkeeper, engaging a marketing agency to manage your branding and online presence might be the smartest thing you can do today.

Running a business is not for the faint of heart for sure. But many business owners start with the idea of making money doing something they love. Within a short time frame, most realize they are in for more than spending the day doing their craft. They have to run a business. This means taking care of the day to day operations, doing the actual work, and more importantly, filling the funnel with future customers. Marketing is the area that tends to suffer when the owner is busy. And as we have already determined, the owner is always busy. This is the main reason most businesses fail.

Although there are many reasons to hire a marketing agency, we have listed the top 3 for your consideration. Because we already know you do not have time to read more than that.

#3 Reason to Hire a Marketing Agency: TIMEmarketing agency saves time

We have already discussed it here. TIME. Most business owners are taxed for 10-12 hours per day taking care of current customers or managing employees who are taking care of customers. Add the administrative requirements of invoicing, collection, and inventory or supply ordering on top of that and there is not much room left for website maintenance or Google AdWords management.

The most expensive employee in the company is the owner. When you are not performing an activity that will bring in more sales, your time is doubly wasted. Once the opportunity cost is calculated, you will begin to understand your value to the growth of the business, and the value of hiring a marketing agency. It may seem like you are saving labor hours by doing a task yourself, but in reality, you are costing the business money by not using the time to develop new business.

#2 Reason to Hire a Marketing Agency: EXPERTISE

marketing agencyLet’s say Pete, a licensed plumber, decides to go to work for himself. He is tired of making $30 per hour for someone else. He is ready to make all of the money. So he creates a business and quits his job. On day one, Pete realizes that even though he can get a few customers via referral, he has to have business cards and an online presence so people know how to contact him. Suddenly he has a list that looks something like this:

  • Design a logo
  • Design and print business cards
  • Buy computer program for billing
  • Design a website
  • Create a Facebook page

Pete is a plumber. He knows tools, pipes, toilets, and hot water heaters. Even if Pete knows some graphic design (far fetched, but stay with me), what would be a better use of Pete’s time? Creating marketing collateral is time consuming even when you are a professional designer. It would take Pete longer to create something of lesser quality. Pete likely has some great ideas about his customers, what they need, and how to reach them, but he probably does not know how to go about it. This leads into our top reason to hire a marketing agency.

#1 Reason to Hire a Marketing Agency: STRATEGYmarketing agency

Businesses typically do not have a marketing plan. Without one, business development occurs haphazardly and without clear direction. Instead of growing his business, the business owner treats his business as a JOB. He comes in, handles the day to day, and leaves when he is done or the sun has gone down. Strategy planning gives business owners clarity and direction and offers solutions for execution. A marketing plan typically identifies the characteristics of each target customer group, develops messaging for each, and lays out a plan for how to get the right message to the right people. A marketing agency helps a business owner lay out a realistic plan.

This is an important point. Once your strategy is developed, every day operations have a real purpose. You can run decisions through the strategy to figure out whether new opportunities fit with the mission, vision, and core values of the business. Employees understand why they are there. Vendors have a clear understanding what your expectations are. Customers are being serviced better. Goals can be set, which can motivate sales staff. Without a marketing plan, none of this happens on its own. A marketing agency will help develop a plan and follow through with the execution.

Are you using the skills and expertise of a marketing agency? Or are you trying to do it yourself? The cost of a marketing agency is usually less than the cost of an employee, without all the hassles of recruiting, hiring, managing, and the expense of taxes and insurance.

Call us at SEOptiks so we can discuss how working with us will save you time and money and end up with more customers.


The SEOptiks Team

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