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Local SEO is a must for any business online. You have to let google know exactly where you are by using various tools and techniques. You also need to confirm to Google through use of citations that you are indeed this business and your location is accurate. This way when someone searches for the products/services you provide and you are in their locality, your company will show up. The better your local SEO, the higher you will rank in these results. As local searches often bring up a map search first on Google, it’s important to be on this list if you want to get clicks.

Core Components

Google My Business

Google My Business

Through the Google My Business app we will register your information with Google, making sure they have accurate information about your location, contact information, products and services you offer and good quality images which can be used to showcase your business.
Keyword Research

Keyword Optimization

Having your keywords in the right place on your website is a key indication for search engines that your website is relevant to particular user searches. We will optimize your keywords so that the right visitors arrive on your website.
Google Maps

Google Maps

A google map embedded in your website also communicates to search engines your exact location specified on a map and can especially help with Google’s integrated GPS “Get Directions” links. It further confirms and strengthens your local SEO helping you rank higher on the list of locations provided by google on searches.

Google Reviews

Having reviews of your company in Google Reviews or integrating a review service trusted by Google can greatly impact SEO. When this is in place and your website appears in a local search your search result will display the star rating next to your website snippet. This is hugely beneficial as users are far more likely to follow a link to a website with favorable reviews than one without.

Citations and Directory Listings

All our clients websites get submitted to premium, trusted citation and directory listings sites to strengthen local SEO and their domain authority. We also analyse competitors and see if there are important listings sites that could also be included.
Press Release

Local Press Releases

When your company is releasing a new service or product it’s important to spread the news! We can help with local press releases making sure that potential customers in your locale see it.
Image Location Tagging

Image Location Tagging

Images of your business can also be tagged with a location. Combined with the description of it (eg Company headquarters) this can provide a valuable confirmation to Google that your business is indeed where you say it is.

Schema Markup

Using schema code embedded in your website we can specify the details of your business which can be utilized by search engines to determine your location and contact information. Schema markup can also be used to confirm that your social media accounts (facebook, twitter, instagram etc) are linked to your website strengthening the relationship between them.