How SEO Really Works

Rather than trying to explain in a vague webpage how our SEO services work, we are going to try and educate you with a few real examples of what to expect and what not to expect for results.  We will try and dispel many of the myths about SEO and share a clear way we are able to win in building higher quality business websites that rank.  You won’t see a long list of items we do for you because that isn’t really how it works.  Quality is a far more important than quantity so most business owners are wowed by long lists of value propositions saying all the things you get for XYZ, the problem is those tactics rarely work or have any staying power.

Why Cheap SEO Doesn’t Work For Our Clients

The reason it won’t work for our clients is fairly simple.  Our customers own real businesses that represent their real brand they have been building in some cases for generations.  People using cheap SEO tactics are marketers who throw up a website and want to rank it quick to resell leads.  These actors don’t care about trashing the website long term, they just want it to work for as long as it will work, then move on.  This makes perfect sense why their business model is ok with a short term strategy.  Real brands and companies do not have the luxury of starting over with a new website, throwing out all of those printed materials like business cards.  That is just way too much risk to bet your brand on a quick fix tactic that risks everything.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Here Is How We Work

Analyze The Current Results So We Can Optimize Results

Every website has some level of important data being created by it’s digital footprint everyday.  This data holds the key to creating an effective strategy to push your website into relevancy.  We need to understand what is working, what is not, as well as create a realistic view and game plan.  This screen shot is an example of the data we review constantly.  When Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed a bank his answer was simple, that’s where the money is.  We use tools like Google to identify where the customers are.  That is where we need to go.

Growth Driven SEO

Once we can identify what opportunities we want to exploit, then we start moving towards our actionable plan. The key thing to consider and what we are really looking for is the commercial viability of the traffic we want.  Stated differently, do these searches have commercial intent.  When customers are looking for things and using terms that are likely to buy, we want to get that traffic.

Keywords That Convert

We need to identify the keywords that convert vs the keywords that just send noisy traffic to the site.  To think of what we mean consider how different a keyword or search query could mean simply by having an extra word next to it.  For instance, we may see a keyword like “Kitchen Remodeling”.  This search will have a large volume of searches and we can definitely get on that traffic wagon however the chances of it being a person looking for Kitchen remodeling ideas is fairly high.  They may have no intentions of doing a kitchen anytime soon and instead are just looking for idea.  Add in a word like “Kitchen Remodeling Contractor” and now we can see the real intent.  Our philosophy is that we would trade the noisy traffic with targeted shoppers that have a high probability to purchase.

On Page OptimizationOptimizatoin

An important step is to ensure when we want to show up for something we have a page that talks about that keyword.  Through various techniques and best practice we ensure that page meets the standards of modern search engines.  There are things we are looking for depending on the competition level of the keywords we are targeting.  How much content is there, a minimum page needs 300 to 500 words.  Better pages top out at 1,000 while high quality content tends to run over 1,500 words.  The content and relevancy of those words are also important factors as well.   We make sure we have a strong internal linking strategy as well.

Get High Quality Inbound Links

There are literally millions of webpages and a near limitless amount of webpages on the internet.  This is where we separate the pros from the spammers.  Creating quality links back to our clients websites still is an important signal about who is quality versus who is spamming.  The secret is they come from a mixture of hard work, research, money, and or outreach.  Getting a high quality link instead of low quality links is certainly more work, but it should ad value to your business in addition to enhancing your rank on a major search engine.  Search engines reward quality companies that partner with quality local organizations.  The example here on the right is the Phoenix Chamber.  This organization is a highly credible one that represents local Arizona businesses.  So getting a link here is a great way to add credibility to a local Arizona company.  We research and find the these types of relationships.  These are bulletproof links that can stand the test of time because they come from highly credible places.  They are not fly by night organizations.

There Are Many More Advanced SEO Strategies We Utilize

Because every customers market is unique and different it demands that we have a unique strategy for each one.  Give us a call to discuss your project and needs and we can put a plan together to get you results.  We have a track record of success and would be happy to share more with you.