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Website Designing services are often disconnected from the realities of internet marketing and success.  Usually the website designer doesn't understand marketing tactics and conversion strategies.  This means you get a pretty website that doesn't convert.  Why pay for something that just looks good?  You need it to be able to be better than the other companies in your market.  This isn't just website help Manchester, it's an Enterprise Grade solution for your business

The SEOptiks Core Packages Webdesign - Conversion Optimization - Local SEO - On Page SEO - Off Page SEO as well as landing pages and even marketing automation all setup and done for you.  Your job is to answer the phone when a customer calls.

The Tools And Services

Website Development

We know how to make amazing WordPress website that are built for conversions and utilize today's best practices. Never hire a web developer to build or fix things again. 

Local SEO

Get Ranking Locally with the help of our proprietary Software and powerful marketing strategies that will grow your business.

Blogging And Social

Our Software does it again, making blogging and updating your social media painless and actually high quality.  Have the best online presence fast.

More Tools And Tactics Included....Done For You

Speed Optimization

A fast website is important to ranking online.  We actively monitor and optimize websites regularly to ensure you have the edge.

Conversion Optimization

Getting traffic is literally only half the battle... Converting it into leads is what separates the winners from everyone else.  Check out our proven system and tactics. 

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can enable a force multiplier for your business.  Leads aren't high enough quality.... make them double opt in to save even more time, and make them buyers.


Marketing Tactics

Bringing it all together, here are the things we can do with the Core.  It is the foundation that grows.

​​​​Graphic Design

Take advantage of full time graphic designer.  We extend this to all of our clients.  Just another value added service.

Awesome Reporting

If a Lead Converts and Nobody is around to call it did it happen?  Let our enterprise grade reporting tools simplify everything for you.  

(We Can Crank Up Your Website)

SEOptiks Core

SEOptiks Covers the Foundation of your internet marketing strategy and needs.  This means you focus on two things....

Link Building 

Add on link building to your core package to rocket your ranking to the first Page Fast.

Page Optimization

We tear down and rebuild your page to be SEO Perfect with new content and a quality linking to get it ranking fast.

What Success Ranking Takes

You'll always know the next step you should be taking for online marketing in Manchester, NH with world-class training and support every step of the way

"Getting everything you need handled so you can grow your business.  Now more worrying is your website working -  SEOptiks is the technical partner for everything."

"We Have Your Marketing Team Ready To Scale!"

It takes a team of experts to pull off successful online marketing.  Most start by thinking they will find a single person that can handle everything! But it takes multiple skill sets and expertise to pull off what we are doing.  We are building your whole marketing department for pennies on the dollar!

So Here Is What To Expect - Bring It All Together

The Core has multiple stages as it brings your team through the different steps of maturing your website into the leader it was meant to be.  Follow the journey that recaps what to expect and how it all works.

Step 1 - Upgrade The Website Technology

Let's face it, your Website is a bit tired and needs a little love.  Don't worry we will make it into a rock star.  It goes on our super fast hosting, we upgrade the inside with the best premium plugins.  Rework the styling to meet modern website requirements - Mobile Friendly, Coded Properly, SEO Friendly, Fast Hosting, Caching Upgrading, HTTPS Secure.  

  • check
    Upgrade To Our Powerful Dedicated Hosting Servers.
  • check
    Add Amazing Premium Plugins That Transform The Website Into Enterprise.
  • check
    Build Your New Website For A Fraction Of The Cost And A Fraction Of The Time.
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    Launch Your New Website Fast.  Often In Days Not Weeks. MVP - Minimum Viable Product Strategy.  Get Live Faster, Enhance As We Go.
External Linking

Step 2 - We Make It Conversion Friendly

We start adding in our proven strategies to ensure traffic turns into leads.  We utilize the full power of our new website to enhance the call to actions and ensure they are live immediately.  You already have traffic today so let's start turning that into sales first.  We wire up our Systems including Analytics as well as the Marketing Automation Software.  If you already have traffic, then leads can start coming in.

Step 3.  Begin Monthly Maintenance

Site Speed is crucial, optimizing images, caching your files and ensuring everything is minified properly may sound like a foreign language to you, but to us it is crucial your website is fast like a rocket ship.  In fact, conversions and rank increase with fast sites too.  We handle it.  Backing up the site, ensuring your plugins are all updated and didn't break things, all normal and included.  

Weekly Backups

Outstanding Support

Step 4. - Full Help Desk Support 

The speed we are moving at is pretty insane considering all the work, but that doesn't mean work stops.  We are rolling out our planned approach, but now you have website needs as well.  Simply putting in a request to have changes made on your website, add new pages, make it look completely different.  It is like having a full time website developer without the expensive cost.  Finally your really in control of your website and where it goes.  

Step 5.  SEO Stuff Begins

We are busy cleaning up your Local Business Listings across the web.  Using our proprietary software to ensure your business is being accurately found in hundreds of places.  We are also adding our proprietary software to grab your latest reviews.  Schema updates to your website, all these things are handled and being fixed so you don't have to worry. 


Step 6. - Get Content

Use our proprietary software to create new content. Just take a picture and write a blog post from the app and it can publish right to your website and update your social media.  This can really reduce the overall cost of looking amazing online and saving you thousands of dollars along the way.

Step 7.  Lot's Of Awesome Reporting

If a good thing happens and nobody knows it, did it happen?  Well yes.... but knowing it happened is even better.  So we create actionable reports that can help you understand your current strategy and where to improve it. 


Step 8.  Core Covers The Most Crucial Aspects- But Push It Further

Even if you don't go any further than the Core and literally never do nothing else, you're ahead of the competition.  With that said, of course there is always more to do.  We offer several other upgrades to the Core that will give you the edge.  From On Page SEO And Content Writing to Off Page SEO Link Building Services that drive your rank to the top, we have you covered.  Start with the Core and grow from there.  That is the best way to mature your company into an online powerhouse!

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Health Care

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Software Companies

Financial Services

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