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Website Designing services are often disconnected from the realities of internet marketing and success.  Usually the website designer doesn't understand marketing tactics and conversion strategies.  This means you get a pretty website that doesn't convert.  Why pay for something that just looks good?  You need more than web design Portsmouth NH, you need it to be able to be better than the other companies in your market.  

A website from SEOptiks comes prepackaged with all the tech and tools you need to market it effectively and successfully.

The Tools And Services

Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server for our client websites means quick loading times and no sharing of IP addresses with spammy websites which can harm your SEO.

WordPress Website

WordPress is the most used content management system in the world, and for good reason. It’s reliable, secure, regularly updated and is highly customizable for any website.

Premium Plugins

Our years of experience has shown us which plugins are good, and which are bad. Our hand picked selection of plugins will be installed on your website so that you immediately have functionality for everything you need.

Speed Optimization

A fast website is important to ranking online.  We actively monitor and optimize websites regularly to ensure you have the edge.

Monthly Maintenance

Every month we run maintenance on your website. Making sure your site is fully up to date is key to keeping it secure and running smoothly.

Weekly Backups

We run weekly backups of your website to secure against any fatal errors which may occur. This ensures that no matter what happens we always have a recent copy of your site which can be restored in a matter of minutes.

And to top it off...

Graphic Design

Take advantage of full time graphic designer.  We extend this to all of our clients.  Just another value added service.

Outstanding Support

Once your website is completed we're still here to support you. Our years of experience mean that we can solve problems very quickly and save you hours of time trawling forums and help sites to find answers.

Awesome Reporting

You'll get monthly maintenance and performance reports so you can see what has been updated, and how your site speed is rated.

A beautiful website like these could be yours!

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How it Works

With our website package typically there are a number of steps we go through to create your website and get it live.

Requirements and information gathering

This is where we have a conversation to understand your requirements like what pages are needed, what fields contact forms should have and if there is any specific functionality you require. We also gather important details such as email addresses, phone numbers and addresses that should be included on the site and get copies of your logo and other branding graphics.

Collecting content

​You know your company and the products and services it offers better than anyone so we do require that you provide us with content for your website. If you have an existing website we can use the content from that.

Building the website

​​This is where we put together a great looking website that adheres to best practices and install all the tech necessary for tracking users and automated marketing. You'll be kept in the loop every step of the way and will be able to view your website in development.

Launch the website

​​​This is the exciting part where we push the website live for the world to see!

Post launch

Once the website is live we test contact forms, connect tracking tools, do a site speed audit and squeeze as much performance out of the site as possible.


How long does it take to build a website?

What if I need help with content?

What if my website breaks?

I need help with SEO

Need more than just a website Portsmouth NH?

Check out the SEOptiks Core  

Internal Linking

SEOptiks Core

SEOptiks Covers the Foundation of your internet marketing strategy and needs.  This means you focus on two things....

Dev Site

Link Building 

Add on link building to your core package to rocket your ranking to the first Page Fast.


Page Optimization

We tear down and rebuild your page to be SEO Perfect with new content and a quality linking to get it ranking fast.

"Getting everything you need handled so you can grow your business.  Now more worrying is your website working -  SEOptiks is the technical partner for everything."

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